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  • Phil's Chop

  • Low Long and Nasty, this bike was already built when Phil sent it down to us for an extreme make over, headstock chop and new front end and a complete Sickboyz Nasty up was called for.........
  • Black Hole

  • This is probably the cleanest bike Sickboyz have built to date, the build was ground up and featured oval holes in the frames backbone and down tube, the engine is a 110ci twin cam and this is a completely one off build
  • Castrol Sportster

  • The Castrol Sportster is probably the coolest street tracker out there, Sickboyz wanted to wow the younger generation and we hit it spot on with this build, it has appeared in magazine in the UK and Europe and has had massive response on social media throughout the world.
  • Bob's Shovel

  • The first full bike build out of the new workshop, completely MSVA and completed in 3 months from ground up, this bike features a Chica gooseneck frame and an ultima shovelhead drive train, all custom work completed in house at Sickboyz and our first one stop shop bike build to include in house paint. photo’s taken for[...]